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A person who is loved by the one they love is the most attractive
with that been said, I'll treasure my days with you.
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8th-May-2011 09:21 am - Heading to south
About two weeks ago we had the Easter Festivities wich means we had a long weekend vacation and we decided to make a trip. Our final destination was Ica but since it's a long weekend we decided to make stops as we advanced trough the road. Let me share a map with you:
Easter's vacation to Ica

 I went there with my family so we were a group of 5 in total (including my sister's boyfriend and my pet!).
My pet!

Get to Ica takes about a 3 hours drive give or take, depending on the time spent trying to read the GPS and the speed you usually drive your car.

.................But the scenery is magnificent!!!

(We wanted to take a picture there too, but that guy was already there and looked like he wasn't going to get down for a long time!! LOL )

We reached Lunahuana thursday night and after confirming our suspicion  that nearly all of the hostels were already full, we had to take whatever we could get. Hence, we did not sleep under the covers that night. We slept in  a camping place where they only rented us camping tents and camping mats. 


9th-Aug-2010 11:17 am - Some stuffs about me

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depressed Nino
8th-Aug-2010 09:32 pm - Free for a week!!!
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29th-Jun-2010 12:03 pm - 2010 FIFA World Cup
They lost!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe it!

24th-Mar-2010 09:37 am - Writer's Block: Exit strategy
Have you ever told a member of your family that you wanted them out of your life? If so, why?

No, I haven't. But I have to admit that I have thought about it( when I get really upset with them). well, I guess that would be impossible because after all they are your family and you can or should cut them out of your life.
20th-Mar-2010 02:44 pm - just for fun...

It's incredible what boredom can make you do, you know.
So.. this is what it made me do!!
riidayay Riida!!yes Riida again

27th-Feb-2010 07:29 pm - Arashi Ranker
I came across this page where you can rank your favorites Jhonnys, and here is my Arashi ranking:

yay!!! I got Nino!!! he's my number one so I was expecting that!! and , this has been happening not so long, a tie between Sho-chan & Jun as my 2nd favorite!!!! I guess  Sho-chan has grown a lot inside me is because of his personality, he funny gestures and etc.
Riida has a special place in my heart because he's so cute, that I want to hug him everytime!! XD

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